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If your pet needs to have surgery, you probably have lots of questions, and the team at Merryfield Veterinary Hospital is ready to address any questions or concerns you may have about your pet's health or surgery.

Before any surgical event, our vets will perform a thorough physical exam on your pet and run baseline blood work to ensure anesthesia is safe for your pet. Depending on your pet's health, other tests may be recommended or required.


We stay current on anesthetic drugs and monitoring equipment so that each pet can have the best outcome with surgery. All scheduled surgeries require pets to fast overnight as a precaution. Most pets go home the same day as the surgery, but this depends on the procedure and the patient. Your doctor or technician will call you after the procedure to give you an update and the estimated time you can pick up your pet.

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Is surgery safe?

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What will my pet's recovery be like?

Depending on the procedure and patient, either dissolvable stitches, removable stitches, or removable staples will be placed. You'll want to monitor the incision twice daily to look for signs of excessive redness or swelling. All patients should rest for at least 2 weeks while the incision heals with no running or rough play. Some patients will need an e-collar (cone) to protect the incision from getting infected by licking. Stitches that aren't dissolvable need to be removed 2 weeks after the procedure.

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